Our site gives you barrier-free information, hip shops and sightseeing places of Kobe with some pictures . From now on we'll also introduce to you the other areas one after another. In memory of World Cup is held in co-hosts South korea and Japan, you can read it in English and Korean as well.

Barrier free information:

It is available for you when you check up a place to whick you'd like to go with wheelchair.
Information on a list table is linked to a page which is in detail more.

On the page, barrier-free information is divided into the following grouping with color to know easily.

For [ general ] directions. For [ visually handicapped ] directions. For [ hard - hearing ] directions.

For wheelchair users. For people with thier baby.

Click on flag It goes to MapFanWeb.
In MapFanWeb click on flag You can select two ways, to make a map enlargement or reduce or to search ways for a destination on Route Map.

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